Hello Black Man

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Hello Black Man is a guided journal that has been created as a tool to bridge the gap of communication needs. Sometimes writing is more effective and less stressful than talking. This guided journal will help young and old men alike define their character and discover things on which they need to work.

Transparency and communication are the tools of peace against worry and stress. Journaling helps to aide in sleep, joy, creativity, and good decisions. Those things both positive and negative that are ingrained into your mind, can push you forward or hold you back. This journal will teach you how to express your thoughts and ideas through writing.

If you're tired of living in tension and poor communication space, then it's time to change. In Hello Black Man, you will discover that you weren't designed to carry the heavy load yourself: Use the guided questions to discover where you have come from, and improve your vision on where you are going.

Life may be chaotic all around you, but you can improve yourself as a person drawing past, present and future thoughts and aspirations. Hello Black Man seek peace so that you can stop worrying about your health, job, finances, or relationships and start enjoying life.

The Hello Black Man Journal features:
Thought-provoking prompts―Better understand yourself through questions that encourage you to examine the way you approach and react to life’s challenges.
The pursuit of transparency―Unfold what it means to be truly transparent, and explore how it can produce positive changes to the quality of your life.
The opportunity to improve communication― Will this be easy? No. Will it hurt? Absolutely. Do you have to do it alone? Absolutely not. Here is your opportunity to first get to know who you are and along the way allow yourself to be revealed to those you love.

Hello Black Man awaken and write.