Hello Black Educator

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Hello Black Educator you are important and essential. Black teachers today are, by nearly every metric, more successful at supporting the achievement and well-being of Black children. Black students who have even one Black teacher during elementary school are more likely to graduate high school and consider college.
It is difficult to overstate the political, pedagogical and personal importance of Black teachers. Educators are the most precious gift to all mankind.

Hello Black Educator is a guided journal that has been created as a tool to help educators plan ahead, achieve daily priorities, increase their instructional effectiveness, and cultivate their own professional progress.

The Hello Black Educator Journal focus:
• Working with parents
• Building team relationship
• Why you chose this path

Most teachers in our community who experience poor mental health don't recognize the signs of teacher burnout. Black educators become so accustomed to the daily grind that you don’t realize when you begin to exhibit the “teacher burnout” signs at work or at home. This journal includes daily routines, journal prompts, and the ability to unwind.
Follow this self-care plan designed to support your health and wellness during the school and during your summer break. Utilize reflection questions to help you think through which strategies worked -- and which didn't.

Hello Black Educator learn to understand how prioritizing your own self-care will better prepare you to confidently impact student knowledge and achievement.