Hello Black College Student

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Congratulations on reaching the next stage in life. You have worked hard, and you should be very proud of yourself. First and foremost, believe and understand that you can do anything. Be willing to make mistakes. It shows that you are dedicated to pushing yourself to the limit. There will be stops on the journey and sometimes you may have to change course but be assured that you can and will succeed. It is proven that writing things down gives them life. Use this journal to bring life to your thoughts, goals, and feelings. With these keys, you will be able to unlock doors that lead to the greatest you. Don’t ever be afraid to be authentically you.
The Hello Black College Student Journal focus: • Working with incoming college students • Building team confidence • Why you chose this path
Most college students in our community who experience poor mental health don't recognize the signs of burnout. Black college become so accustomed to the daily grind that you don’t realize when you begin to exhibit the overwhelmed signs at at school. This journal includes daily routines, journal prompts, and the ability to unwind. Follow this self-care plan designed to support your health and wellness during the school and during your summer break. Utilize reflection questions to help you think through which strategies worked -- and which didn't. Hello Black College Student learn to understand how prioritizing your own self-care will better prepare you to confidently impact your knowledge and achievement